Helping you shed the clutter in your life so you can live more freely.

I didn’t realize how much my clutter was affecting me. Chaotic was all I knew, until I hired Jacque. She’s patient, creative and didn’t push me to do what I wasn’t ready to do. She listened, asked questions and delivered real solutions that have not only opened up my home but also have helped me become more aware of how I create clutter and how I can manage it. I feel a lot less stress and in more control now.
— A stressed out executive taking control of chaos

Jacquelyn RardinMy name is Jacquelyn Rardin and I’m a reformed clutter bug turned professional organizer. And I personally know what it feels like to be tethered to stuff that no longer serves you, be it visible clutter taking up valuable space in your home to a time robbing, over booked schedule that leaves no time to spend on your true life priorities. My journey to a less is more lifestyle started over 11 years ago just prior to the birth of my daughter, and has been truly transformative. I eliminated the chaos for good, optimized my time, gained more productivity, and live a more successful, fulfilling and less stressful life. Life is vastly easier without all the noise of unnecessary clutter and stuff clogging it up. And it can be easier for you, too!

I live the organized life and help busy families and professionals gain control of their surroundings and projects through proven organizing techniques. Guided by compassion, patience, respect for you and the de-cluttering process with organizing know-how free of judgment, I partner with you to identify what’s working, what’s not and why, and then develop a plan of attack with a goal toward sustainability—guiding, coaching and mentoring you every step along the way. I work with you to build a plan that serves you best based on your goals for what you need most from your space and time. I’m a roll up the sleeves and dive in gal, and keep projects moving along on time. Throughout the organizing process, clients are delighted by a sense of release, calm, renewed energy, and freedom.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s lose the stuff and reclaim your space, time, and life so you can spend your time and energy on the things that matter most to you. Let’s free up now!


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